Services Division

In order to achieve our corporate vision of “Every Business a benchmark” we at RPL have invested heavily in ensuring that every product that we distribute is supported by a team of factory trained service personnel that would minimise the effect of customer downtime as a result of equipment failure. Over the years we have developed a reputation of providing our customers with quality products and service to match. We are committed to continuous improvement and hope to expand our service offering to meet our client’s needs. Some key in-house and on-site services that we provide would include


  • Major Hydraulic component repair, re-sealing, testing and re-certification.
  • Design, fabrication and installation of Custom Hydraulic systems and power units.
  • Hydraulic cylinder disassembly, repair and testing.
  • Jib Arm Truck Crane installation.
  • Design, fabrication, installation and repair of truck hydraulic power units “wetpacks”.
  • On-site Hydraulic Oil Filtration.
  • Installation, troubleshooting and repair of Vacuum systems.
  • Installation, repair and testing of Marine hydraulic systems inclusive of steering systems.
  • Pressure Gauge Certification and Calibration


  • Relief valve repair, testing and re-certification inclusive of Shear relief valves.
  • Valve actuation.
  • Industrial Valve coatings.
  • Valve testing and service.
  • Inspection of Pig trap closures.

Oil well equipment

  • Collection, Repair, testing and return of subsurface pumps (reciprocating rod pumps and progressive cavity).
  • Spacing of progressive cavity pumps.
  • Assembly, repair, installation of new and used Pumping units, drive heads.
  • Cleaning of down hole filtration equipment (sand screens).
  • Repair and testing of Echometer liquid level monitoring equipment.

Rig Spares

  • APIRP2D Inspection, preventative maintenance and repairs of offshore pedestal cranes.
  • Hydraulic, Pneumatic and electric winch / hoist repair and recertification.
  • Wire rope change out and pressure lubrication.
  • Valuation and inspection of Land Production and drilling rigs.
  • Repair and testing of land rig draw-works, crown-o-matic systems and crown components.
  • Inspection, repair and testing of Blow out preventers, elevators, spiders, slips, rotary tables and associated tubular handling equipment.


  • Installation, inspection, maintenance and repair of fall protection/prevention equipment (inclusive of self retracting lifelines and horizontal lifelines).
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of valve interlocking systems.
  • Installation, repair and re-certification of diesel engine over speed protection devices.


  • Provision of lubricant testing and analysis inclusive of sample collection.
  • Installation, inspection, maintenance and repair of lubricant dispensing equipment.
  • Delivery and transfer of bulk lubricants to client storage facilities (marine or otherwise)